Friday, October 20, 2017

Adventures in Owning a New Pony

What I thought it would be like:

What it's actually been like:

One chiropractor appointment, one vet appointment (for cellulitis), a new SmartPak, and saddle refitting later...

I think I can ride my *new* horse in exactly 2 weeks from now.

- K & C & S

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Horse of a Different Color

When I moved back to Kentucky, I chose not to take Lexie with me, and I was devastated- the amount of crying, wine-drinking, and chocolate eating I did made it look like a bad breakup and it felt like I was losing a loved one. I decided I would wait until the fall (at the earliest) to start a horse hunt or bring her up. I took lessons here and there after I left Lexington, and fell into a small depression when work ramped up. I was on call constantly and didn't have a day off for weeks. Standard intern life, conducive to riding Candy but not to lessoning on a going horse consistently.

During this time, I got a phone call that a horse I was interested in had dropped in price... conveniently into my budget. I had lessoned on him weekly for two and a half months during my preceptor in Lexington, and really loved his personality.

After a week or two of negotiating, an almost spotless PPE, I accidentally bought a horse a good 3 months ahead of my timeline!

Meet Sailor! He's a 16.1h, 7 year old OTTB with a puppy dog personality and a (nervous) heart of gold. I think he'll make a cute derby/3'-3'3 hunter, but for now (mostly because of location), we are going to dabble in eventing.

Can't wait until he moves here in September!

- K & C & S!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Not Quite a Student, Not Yet a Doctor

I'm 2 days away from wrapping up week 3 (of 52) as a veterinary intern. So far, I've been learning a lot, but struggling to find my place.

I used to be an unlicensed vet tech, and I tech'ed for 5 years. It's been hard to undo my habits of cleaning, tidying, restraining animals, and doing everything in between. I'm struggling to find my way as a doctor, which is exactly what this program is for. Hours have been long, but not as long as they could be, and I'm grateful for that. I spend the day working with patients and clients, sometimes on my own, sometimes not- depending on the service.

Overall, I can't say too much about the experience yet. I am sure the knowledge I'll gain will be indispensable.

- K & C

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Finding a Fit

I've been a little quiet on the horse front, mostly because... well, there is nothing. Since moving, I've been struggling to find a lesson program that fits my needs. I found one that was seemingly perfect- if only they would call me back.

The area I moved to has a handful of eventing barns and even less hunter jumper facilities. It's been a frustrating two weeks for me- I took one lesson, but ultimately decided the program didn't offer what I needed as a rider, and have been cold-calling facilities ever since. I can't decide if I'm being impatient or if our fast-paced culture is making expect a returned call within 24-48 hours. It's been depressing, and has been making me really nervous about my upcoming internship year- I miss the lesson program I joined in Lexington (1.5 hours away) and miss the lesson horse I had bonded with there (also 1.5 hours away). If I worked a standard 40 hour a week job, I could justify a 1 hour drive to a hunter jumper facility. If I worked a job with a good salary, I could justify the weekly $70 riding lesson, but unfortunately, I don't work either of those jobs, and never will. Being realistic, I'm not sure when I'll actually lesson regularly again, not sure when I'll have a *sound* horse of my own, or when I'll compete again, if ever.

The only positive is that Candy is safe and sound in Kentucky with me- his retirement facility seems like a perfect fit and the care seems phenomenal. Any farm with 5 horses over 30, all with mirror-shiny coats, has to be good, right?

Trying to find the good in this situation. I feared it for a long time, and it's here, and it's just as I was afraid. I just hope that although the immediate future is cloudy and rainy, I hope that my long term career with horses and in veterinary medicine is bright and sunny because of these sacrifices.

-K & C

Friday, June 9, 2017

Veterinary Intern Essentials

I'm about to start my veterinary internship (Wednesday!), and I've already stocked up on my essentials to get me through the year. What do I love? Here's a list... Featuring the world's best attempt at an image board collage. #amateurhour

 1. Comfy scrubs are a must. I love Grey's Anatomy and Figs scrubs to keep me clean and mostly fur free.

2. Comfy shoes. I spend 12-16 hours a day on my feet during clinics and will keep those hours during my internship. I love my Dansko clogs and New Balance 574s for my high arches and for preventing foot fatigue.

3. Little black book. I use Moleskine pocket notebooks exclusively. I have an address book for medication dosages, and a plain notebook for taking notes on rounds, patient histories, and treatment plans. They're a splurge, but hold so much information and last forever!

4. A favorite pen- yeah, yeah, yeah. These are kind of a goober essential, but I use black, BIC Atlantis pens. I buy them in bulk at Sam's Club. I like my ink to match and not smear, and have found these to be ultra-reliable over the years.

5. 1 Liter Nalgene water bottle. Whether it contains caffeinated Crystal Light or plain water, my Nalgene is always with me. I jokingly call myself a psychogenic water drinker because I am always sipping to keep myself alert and hydrated.

6. Patagonia. Between the Better Sweater and my obnoxious patterned Synchilla vest, I am always warm and toasty even in the chilliest of clinics.

Beyond that, I have more standard essentials: my Littman Cardiology III stethoscope, a Vick's thermometer (super fast- handy for the wiggly ones!), a trusty watch, a lint roller, and a pocketful of healthy snacks.

- K & C

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Horse Supply List- I'm An Addict

Horse Stuff
1 Prestige Nona Garson Saddle + black fleece saddle cover
2 Bridles: 1 Five Star Tack Wembley Bridle, 1 Five Star Tack Ascot Figure 8 Bridle

1 MHB Creations Fly Bonnet (charcoal, baby blue, hot pink, rhinestones)
1 Five Star Tack Signature Breastplate with running attachment

1 Five Star Tack Hickory Cavesson Noseband 
3 reins: 1 Nunn Finer Soft Grip Rubber Reins, KL Select Fancy Stitch Reins, Harwich Curb Reins
6 Bits: 1 Loose Ring French Link Snaffle, 1 Rubber Dee, 1 French Link Dee, 1 Plain Snaffle Dee, 1 Copper 3 Ring Elevator, 1 Loose Ring Plain Snaffle
1 Girth: 54" Total Saddle Fit Girth
1 Pair of Prestige Stirrup Leathers

1 Single HDR Stirrup Leather (Grab Strap)
1 pair of MDC Hunter Classic Stirrups
5 Saddle Pads: 3 Lettia Coolmax Baby Pads (Green, Brown, White), 1 Dover Saddlery Pad (Black), 1 BoT Pad (Black), 1 Barn Baby Pad (white)
1 Ogilvy Memory Foam Half Pad (charcoal with baby blue)
1 Thinline Trifecta Half Pad with Cotton Rolls (white)

1 Thinline Sheepskin Half Pad (white)
2 Thinline Hind Shims
2 Thinline Front Shims
1 Beval Wool Half Pad
1 Fleeceworks Show Pad + memory foam shims
2 Pairs of KL Select Italia Bell Boots (natural & black)

1 pair of Veredus Carbon Open Front Boots
1 pair of Veredus Carbon Hind Boots

2 sets of Dressage Sport Boots (black)- front & back
1 set of BoT Polos
1 pair of BoT Hock Boots
1 pair of Nunn Finer Double Lock Brush Boots (black)

1 set of 4 white polos
Miscellaneous/variable numbers of black and navy fleeces polos
2 sets of 4 Standing Wraps (black & navy)

1 set of 4 Black Standing Wraps
3 pairs of baby blue 14" Pillow Quilts

1 pair of BoT 14" quilts
1 Noble Outfitters Grooming Tote containing: 1 Haas Schimmel Brush, 1 Haas Lipazzaner Damen Brush, 1 face brush, 1 hoofpick, 1 comb (pink glitter), 1 Oster Mane and Tail brush, 1 bot knife, 1 pair of scissors, 1 mane pulling comb, 1 bottle of Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil, 1 bottle of Show Sheen, 1 bottle of Pyrahna Fly Spray, and 1 bottle of Eqyss Marigold Spray

1 small black bucket containing: 1 hard brush, 1 Oster soft brush
1 Cosequin bucket containing: a sponge, Gallop bay shampoo, Mane and Tail Conditioner, and Fungus Amungus shampoo
1 set of Wahl face clippers
1 set of Andis body clippers
1 Baker Halter
1 Leather Halter with Candy's show name on it
2 Lead ropes - 1 Royal Blue and 1 Black and Rainbow
1 halter + muzzle

1 sheepskin muzzle guard
1 set of sheepskin halter covers
1 Horseware Cooler in blue stripes
1 Horseware Quarter Sheet in blue stripes
1 Rhino Lightweight Turnout

1 Beval Medium Turnout
1 Amigo Heavyweight Turnout
2 fly masks: one with ears, one without ears
1 Centaur fly sheet
2 Stanley trunks: one for standard horse supplies, one for seasonal items

1 small Stanley chest containing sundry first aid supplies

Riding/Rider Stuff
1 GPA Speed Air
Varying number of brown hairnets

5 Sunshirts: 1 brown Kastel, 1 heather Tailored Sportsman, 2 EIS (black, baby blue), & 1 Hunt Club grey sport hirt
5 "cold" weather shirts: 1 burgundy FITS zip, 1 black EIS, 1 Nike Rolex pullover, 1 Columbia fleece pullover, and 1 red Nike pullover
5 Pairs of Schooling Breeches: 4 Tailored Sportsman (Charcoal, Black Forest, Black Olive, and Boysenberry/Black), 2 Pipers (Burgundy and Military Green)
1 Pair of Show Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
1 Black North Face Down Jacket

3 Vests: 1 grey Auburn fleece vest, 1 black North Face down vest, and 1 grey Champion down vest
1 Navy Blue Mountain Horse Barn Jacket
1 Pair of brown Carhartt insulated overalls
3 Pairs of Gloves: brown SSG Digital Riding Gloves, black Roeckls (show gloves), winter-weight black Roeckls
1 Pair of black DeNiro Salentos

1 Pair of grey Parlantis
1 Pair of brown Ariat Crowne Pro Paddock boots
1 Pair of brown Tredstep Leather Half Chaps
2 Pairs of spurs: roller & Tom Thumb
2 Pairs of spur straps: black and brown
2 Riding Crops: 1 black crop, 1 black/baby blue/hot pink cross country bat

1 black Tipperary vest with baby blue laces
2 Pairs of Hunter Wellies: navy (quarantine/gross boots) and olive
1 Show Coat: grey GPA
2 Show Shirts: 2 Essex Talent Yarns
2 "Nice" V-Neck Sweaters: grey J. Crew and black Ralph Lauren
5 Belts: 1 leopard print needlepoint belt with monogram, 1 green Tredstep Flex, 1 brown 2" Handy Hunter, 1 brown Hunt Club Polo, and 1 maroon Hunt Club

Coordinating Set of black/baby blue/white boot bag and bridle bag


All this for a....
23 year old

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Photo Dump/Updates

Trying to get back into the swing of blogging, although it may turn into more of a veterinary intern blog rather than a horse blog.

In the meantime, here is a photo dump from the last two months!

3 year anniversary present from the dude.
Shameless swing shift selfie
Favorite lesson horse at my current barn: Sailor, a lil 8 year old OTTB.
An "oops" on my love, Lexie-Lu.
Last ride redemption!
More of sweet Sailor.
Graduation trip: Disney World and Harry Potter!