Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The First Post Is the Worst

Hi, all-

I'm K, and I'll be blogging about school, life, horses, and everything in between. I currently own Candy, a Holsteiner x Trakehner x Andalusian (read: Warmblood mutt) gelding. He's 19 years young with a heart of gold, and enough athleticism to fill a teaspoon. After a few minor setbacks, one small spill, and a neck brace later, we're back up at it in the show ring, working our way up to the 1.0 m jumpers and beyond (?).

When I'm not riding horses, reading about horses, shopping for horses, or watching YouTube videos of horses, I'm usually working (during the summer) to earn money for horses, natch.

I also have 2 guinea pigs, Wilbur and Doodle, who may feature once in a while.

I'm starting this blog to chart my ascent up the ranks, hold myself accountable for riding, and just share the ups and downs of being a full time vet student with a princess of a horse.

As far as content goes, expect rants and raves, reviews of products (I might be a blossoming tack hoarder), and just blurbs about life and training.

The big dude (the love of my life) pretending to be a Hunter pony.

Until next time.

- K&C