About the Horses

Candallero, "Candy"
A 16.1 h 21 year old Andalusian Trakehner cross, and the love of my life. After a brief career in dressage, a failed attempt at foxhunting, and failure in the Hunter ring, he learned to fly in the Jumper ring, became brave on the cross country course, and is now a fat, happy retiree. I've ridden him for over 10 years, and owned him for 8. He enjoys all things edible, trying to escape from his field, and eating hay by the bale.

High Tide, "Sailor"
A 16.1h, 8 year old chestnut OTTB.  He came into my life March of 2017 as a lesson horse while I was on preceptor during vet school. I fell in love, but didn't have the time, funds, or stability to own a horse. As luck would have it, the universe decided I should, in fact, have him. We are re-learning the basics under saddle after a rough first few months of ownership. My goal is to make him into a Derby horse, but we're dabbling in Eventing for now. Sailor enjoys turnout, looking adorable, and soft peppermints by the dozens.

Other horses I have loved:

Paper Moon, "Sawyer"
16.2h, 12ish y/o OTTB

Galaxy, "Lexie"
16.1h, 17ish y/o Westphalian X