Monday, June 27, 2016

Whomp Whomp

Lexie is still vaguely lame- her owner, H, is consulting the vet to figure out where to go from here. H wanted me to ride her this morning and see if she was less lame with weight/not on a lunge line. She exploded on the lunge line in her usual fashion to the left, so I'm hoping she's still improving. Lexie was a doll for our quick ride. She's willing and wanting to be forward and round, happy to be back at work, but still uncomfortable. There's no heat, no digital pulses, but she's still tender in her left front foot. I'm just hoping it's stubborn residual bruising.

Shambly hairnet situation. Not 100% awake at this point in time.
Basically, got up at 4 AM to go ride a lame horse at 5 AM. Candy was his ridiculous self; he and Lexie got moved to the fat kid paddock, and he wanted to leave with us. Once we left, he galloped/gimped rapidly up and down the fence line screaming.... So... the herd bound factor is real for him.
She is a pretty lady. I can't blame him.
"Never leave me again."

- K & C & L

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Updates on Updates

Lexie probably 90% sound right now. She's got some pretty bad hoof bruising from the abscesses, but has a shiny new set of four shoes. She just finished up her Magic Cushion regimen (and it is now stuck everywhere), and got her last gram of Bute yesterday. I'll lunge today, and if she's sound, give her another day off before returning her to work. If not, she'll just hang out until she is sound. Bruises take time to heal!

The only benefit of a solid week of no work, half hour of grooming, and bathing- DAPPLES.
Ok, so this isn't the best picture of dapples, but she's so shiny.

(And for Lexie, tons of cookies shoved in her face so she would stop being a cow about Bute- Dearest Lexie, I can still reach the top of your head even if you lift it really high. Stop trying.)

Candy has been happy to spend tons of time with the girlfriend (of course).
He's gotten his fly mask funk, so lots of Blue Stuff is being applied.

I've been hacking Charlie, one of the lesson horses. Being a lesson horse, he's quirky (tongue sticks out, never knows where all four limbs are at the same time), but he seemed thrilled to pop over some 2'6ish fences. He wasn't thrilled when I asked him to be round and work through his hind during our lesson last week and his flat session yesterday, but you can't always get what you want, Charles.

Other than that, Equine Critical Care has been a blast. I've been passing nasogastric tubes, placing catheters, and finally got to rectally palpate a horse! It was so cool feeling everything, and now I can finally make a little more sense of where things are internally.

Finally snagged a photo of the elusive LilaBear.

- K & C & L

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Applying School to the Real World

I just finished my Equine Surgery and Sport Horse Medicine rotation last Friday. Saturday, I gleefully went out the barn, hopped on Lexie, and started our trot work, when I noticed it... a head bob. She was lame in the front. I had spent the last two weeks watching horses jog, trying to learn how to pick up a lameness and learning differentials for the varieties of soundness we saw.

For whatever reason, probably being tired or slacking on horse care, I had neglected to check her hooves and digital pulses before tacking up. I brought her in, and checked her hooves- hot. Poor thing had abscessed both front feet.

1 soak per foot, multiple boot changes, 2 blown abscesses, 2 pulled front shoes, and 4 new shoes later, Lexie is on the mend. She was still a little painful today, so she just got a groom and a gram of Bute before going back out.

As much as it's a bummer to not be able to ride Lexie at the moment, it is so cool to be able to apply things I learn in school to real life!

- K & C & L

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Review: Dreamers & Schemers Socks

I am always on the lookout for a new pair of boot socks. I just haven't found a pair that I absolutely love. Zocks? Ok, but sometimes just too thin and not substantial; they don't feel like socks. Noble Outfitters Over the Calf Peddies? I really like them, especially with my paddock boots and half chaps, but they're so long- a weird problem for me to have. And the foot is a little too thick for my tall boots. Sockwell Circulator socks? I love these, but they're a hair too thick for my tall boots. And, I'll be honest, when I destroyed my current pair, I just didn't see any colors that I liked or wanted.

So when I saw Dreamers & Schemers array of socks- I had to try them. I love patterned/sassy socks (BlueQ socks are the bomb), and actually struggled to pick just 2  pairs of socks. After hemming and hawing, I narrowed it down to 2 patterns and ordered.

  • Awesome material- a nice compromise between the thin, not really there Zocks and thicker "normal" socks. 
  • Amazing patterns- I had a hard time narrowing my choices down to 2 patterns.
  • Nice packaging- I loved the package they came in.
  • Designs are less vivid in real life than in photos. They're sublimated, so they become even less bright when they stretch

  • Price- $15 is a lot for a pair of socks when you're a grad student, regardless of budget
Neutral? They ship from Canada, so ship time is a little prolonged, and no tracking number is provided. It's not a deal breaker, but something to be aware of.

I haven't worn them enough to comment on durability, but they seem to stand up to my tall boots, paddock boots, and Dansko clogs.

Overall? 8/10. The sublimation results didn't wow me, and the price is a little steep for what they are, but I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more socks from them if my bank account allows! I think it's a good product, that, with a little tweaking, will be a phenomenal product.

- K & C & L

Monday, June 6, 2016


Not much to report here- just some lovely flat sessions last week. Lexie and Candy both got adjusted by the chiropractor last Thursday, and it seems to be treating them well. Lexie has been round with lots of self-carriage, and less of a monster after fences.

And- I challenged one of my fears. I face planted when Candy hung a leg over a 3'3"-3'6" vertical with a rolltop for filler about 4 years ago which is what triggered my fear of jumping. Saturday, in my lesson, we hopped over a rolltop (with a pole on top). There was a little bit of sucking back because Lexie felt my "HO-GOD" body reaction, but was otherwise lovely. I. Love. This. Horse. She continues to give me confidence, and lately, I've ended every ride with a smile (yes- even the trail ride on Wednesday when she launched us over a stream and we nearly parted ways. I was just proud she crossed the stream without hesitation.).

The only bummer this week is that clinic "duties" will keep me from going to Brownland in July and showing off Lexie, but there will always be another horse show.

I just can't get over the progress we've made in a year; I am comfortable over 2'6 fences, and able to ride Lexie's fire breathing dragon moments. Lexie has less fire breathing dragon moments, and actually wants to listen and work together. I'm getting back into the swing of riding, and so happy this mare is along for the ride.

It's little, but it's progress.

They make my heart happy.
- K & C & L