Monday, June 6, 2016


Not much to report here- just some lovely flat sessions last week. Lexie and Candy both got adjusted by the chiropractor last Thursday, and it seems to be treating them well. Lexie has been round with lots of self-carriage, and less of a monster after fences.

And- I challenged one of my fears. I face planted when Candy hung a leg over a 3'3"-3'6" vertical with a rolltop for filler about 4 years ago which is what triggered my fear of jumping. Saturday, in my lesson, we hopped over a rolltop (with a pole on top). There was a little bit of sucking back because Lexie felt my "HO-GOD" body reaction, but was otherwise lovely. I. Love. This. Horse. She continues to give me confidence, and lately, I've ended every ride with a smile (yes- even the trail ride on Wednesday when she launched us over a stream and we nearly parted ways. I was just proud she crossed the stream without hesitation.).

The only bummer this week is that clinic "duties" will keep me from going to Brownland in July and showing off Lexie, but there will always be another horse show.

I just can't get over the progress we've made in a year; I am comfortable over 2'6 fences, and able to ride Lexie's fire breathing dragon moments. Lexie has less fire breathing dragon moments, and actually wants to listen and work together. I'm getting back into the swing of riding, and so happy this mare is along for the ride.

It's little, but it's progress.

They make my heart happy.
- K & C & L


  1. Sucks that you will miss the show but you are right, there is always another horse show!

  2. Congrats for conquering your fear! I had a nasty fall off a coop and it took me a long time to jump that jump again, heh.