Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Horse Supply List- I'm An Addict

Horse Stuff
1 Prestige Nona Garson Saddle + black fleece saddle cover
2 Bridles: 1 Five Star Tack Wembley Bridle, 1 Five Star Tack Ascot Figure 8 Bridle

1 MHB Creations Fly Bonnet (charcoal, baby blue, hot pink, rhinestones)
1 Five Star Tack Signature Breastplate with running attachment

1 Five Star Tack Hickory Cavesson Noseband 
3 reins: 1 Nunn Finer Soft Grip Rubber Reins, KL Select Fancy Stitch Reins, Harwich Curb Reins
6 Bits: 1 Loose Ring French Link Snaffle, 1 Rubber Dee, 1 French Link Dee, 1 Plain Snaffle Dee, 1 Copper 3 Ring Elevator, 1 Loose Ring Plain Snaffle
1 Girth: 54" Total Saddle Fit Girth
1 Pair of Prestige Stirrup Leathers

1 Single HDR Stirrup Leather (Grab Strap)
1 pair of MDC Hunter Classic Stirrups
5 Saddle Pads: 3 Lettia Coolmax Baby Pads (Green, Brown, White), 1 Dover Saddlery Pad (Black), 1 BoT Pad (Black), 1 Barn Baby Pad (white)
1 Ogilvy Memory Foam Half Pad (charcoal with baby blue)
1 Thinline Trifecta Half Pad with Cotton Rolls (white)

1 Thinline Sheepskin Half Pad (white)
2 Thinline Hind Shims
2 Thinline Front Shims
1 Beval Wool Half Pad
1 Fleeceworks Show Pad + memory foam shims
2 Pairs of KL Select Italia Bell Boots (natural & black)

1 pair of Veredus Carbon Open Front Boots
1 pair of Veredus Carbon Hind Boots

2 sets of Dressage Sport Boots (black)- front & back
1 set of BoT Polos
1 pair of BoT Hock Boots
1 pair of Nunn Finer Double Lock Brush Boots (black)

1 set of 4 white polos
Miscellaneous/variable numbers of black and navy fleeces polos
2 sets of 4 Standing Wraps (black & navy)

1 set of 4 Black Standing Wraps
3 pairs of baby blue 14" Pillow Quilts

1 pair of BoT 14" quilts
1 Noble Outfitters Grooming Tote containing: 1 Haas Schimmel Brush, 1 Haas Lipazzaner Damen Brush, 1 face brush, 1 hoofpick, 1 comb (pink glitter), 1 Oster Mane and Tail brush, 1 bot knife, 1 pair of scissors, 1 mane pulling comb, 1 bottle of Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil, 1 bottle of Show Sheen, 1 bottle of Pyrahna Fly Spray, and 1 bottle of Eqyss Marigold Spray

1 small black bucket containing: 1 hard brush, 1 Oster soft brush
1 Cosequin bucket containing: a sponge, Gallop bay shampoo, Mane and Tail Conditioner, and Fungus Amungus shampoo
1 set of Wahl face clippers
1 set of Andis body clippers
1 Baker Halter
1 Leather Halter with Candy's show name on it
2 Lead ropes - 1 Royal Blue and 1 Black and Rainbow
1 halter + muzzle

1 sheepskin muzzle guard
1 set of sheepskin halter covers
1 Horseware Cooler in blue stripes
1 Horseware Quarter Sheet in blue stripes
1 Rhino Lightweight Turnout

1 Beval Medium Turnout
1 Amigo Heavyweight Turnout
2 fly masks: one with ears, one without ears
1 Centaur fly sheet
2 Stanley trunks: one for standard horse supplies, one for seasonal items

1 small Stanley chest containing sundry first aid supplies

Riding/Rider Stuff
1 GPA Speed Air
Varying number of brown hairnets

5 Sunshirts: 1 brown Kastel, 1 heather Tailored Sportsman, 2 EIS (black, baby blue), & 1 Hunt Club grey sport hirt
5 "cold" weather shirts: 1 burgundy FITS zip, 1 black EIS, 1 Nike Rolex pullover, 1 Columbia fleece pullover, and 1 red Nike pullover
5 Pairs of Schooling Breeches: 4 Tailored Sportsman (Charcoal, Black Forest, Black Olive, and Boysenberry/Black), 2 Pipers (Burgundy and Military Green)
1 Pair of Show Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
1 Black North Face Down Jacket

3 Vests: 1 grey Auburn fleece vest, 1 black North Face down vest, and 1 grey Champion down vest
1 Navy Blue Mountain Horse Barn Jacket
1 Pair of brown Carhartt insulated overalls
3 Pairs of Gloves: brown SSG Digital Riding Gloves, black Roeckls (show gloves), winter-weight black Roeckls
1 Pair of black DeNiro Salentos

1 Pair of grey Parlantis
1 Pair of brown Ariat Crowne Pro Paddock boots
1 Pair of brown Tredstep Leather Half Chaps
2 Pairs of spurs: roller & Tom Thumb
2 Pairs of spur straps: black and brown
2 Riding Crops: 1 black crop, 1 black/baby blue/hot pink cross country bat

1 black Tipperary vest with baby blue laces
2 Pairs of Hunter Wellies: navy (quarantine/gross boots) and olive
1 Show Coat: grey GPA
2 Show Shirts: 2 Essex Talent Yarns
2 "Nice" V-Neck Sweaters: grey J. Crew and black Ralph Lauren
5 Belts: 1 leopard print needlepoint belt with monogram, 1 green Tredstep Flex, 1 brown 2" Handy Hunter, 1 brown Hunt Club Polo, and 1 maroon Hunt Club

Coordinating Set of black/baby blue/white boot bag and bridle bag


All this for a....
23 year old

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Photo Dump/Updates

Trying to get back into the swing of blogging, although it may turn into more of a veterinary intern blog rather than a horse blog.

In the meantime, here is a photo dump from the last two months!

3 year anniversary present from the dude.
Shameless swing shift selfie
Favorite lesson horse at my current barn: Sailor, a lil 8 year old OTTB.
An "oops" on my love, Lexie-Lu.
Last ride redemption!
More of sweet Sailor.
Graduation trip: Disney World and Harry Potter!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

For Sale/Lease: Rider

5'8, skinny-fat, 26 year old rider. Smart and eager to please. Good build for the adult equitation, but needs some work to place in stiff competition. Has experience in the jumper ring up to 1.0m, and would make a solid 3' hunter/equitation rider if she ever pulls her head out of her ass. Has buttons, just doesn't always remember them. Requires a horse willing to take a joke. Asking $40k or whatever will pay her rent for the next year.