Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I finished my National Veterinary Board Exam yesterday- I also may have laughed and/or cried in the testing center (so many pig and chicken questions... why?). In other happy news, a little over a week ago... I went to a horse show! That's right- I finally went to the year end AHJA show, after an entire year of trying to show, and by God, Lexie kept it together so we could both go.
We vet students escape Auburn sometimes!

I *did* have a small breakdown (exhaustion, stress? Who knows...) in a lesson pre-show, so my trainer put me in the 0.75m and 0.85m jumpers. We went clear both rounds in the 0.75m and got two 5ths. We were clear our speed round in the 0.85m, and placed 5th. She got a little strung out so I had a rail in the 0.85m qualifying round, so we didn't make the jump off and didn't place in our 4th course.

Our course was the same for all 4 courses (sans the jump off) and was not quite my style. It was basically inside straight-diagonal-outside-diagonal-outside with a few singles thrown in. Courses with a lot of straight lines backfire with Lexie because she builds as the course goes, and we use the turns to collect and sit her on her butt. By the end of the course, we end up a little strung out. I still had a BLAST though in all of my classes- she was perfect in warm-up, and, while a little mad about being ridden in her gag bit, so fun over fences. I can't wait for the fences to go up so I can use fence height to my advantage with her.

On Sunday, we did the equitation challenge. We got cut our first round- a horse ran up Lexie's butt, she tried to kick, and.... well... we both had a small meltdown and just made small circles in the center until the round was over. Crowded rings will never be my thing, and a freshly clipped freight train in a snaffle in 40 degree weather probably didn't help things either. I did get to meet Hillary of Equestrian at Hart briefly, and meet Bear and Sonny, who are the absolute cutest.

Overall, while I wish fences had been bigger, I managed to stay out of my head and have fun. Overall, I'm proud of my little powerhouse- she may have been mad at staying in a stall for 4 days (Hillary can totally vouch), but she was totally on her A game in the show ring.

- K & C & L

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Currently hardcore studying for veterinary boards (November 22nd!), working on job/internship applications, and all around figuring my life out.

Lexie is most likely on a 5 week vacation while I prep for boards and go home for my vacation block, so nothing exciting there.

Hopefully, I will be back on top of my blogging game come December with exciting news!

- K & C & L