Monday, June 27, 2016

Whomp Whomp

Lexie is still vaguely lame- her owner, H, is consulting the vet to figure out where to go from here. H wanted me to ride her this morning and see if she was less lame with weight/not on a lunge line. She exploded on the lunge line in her usual fashion to the left, so I'm hoping she's still improving. Lexie was a doll for our quick ride. She's willing and wanting to be forward and round, happy to be back at work, but still uncomfortable. There's no heat, no digital pulses, but she's still tender in her left front foot. I'm just hoping it's stubborn residual bruising.

Shambly hairnet situation. Not 100% awake at this point in time.
Basically, got up at 4 AM to go ride a lame horse at 5 AM. Candy was his ridiculous self; he and Lexie got moved to the fat kid paddock, and he wanted to leave with us. Once we left, he galloped/gimped rapidly up and down the fence line screaming.... So... the herd bound factor is real for him.
She is a pretty lady. I can't blame him.
"Never leave me again."

- K & C & L


  1. Hope its just bruising that clears up soon!

    1. Me too! She flatted like a (slightly off) boss last night. Vet comes out today- pads go on soon!