Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Same Old, Same Old

Not too much happening down in humid and muggy Alabama. Lexie is enjoying the change in her flatwork. She really loves our twice weekly flats/trot work in the field. The quality of her trot and canter are fabulous in the field, and I really can't wait until that work translates into the arena. I've been working on asking her to round up independent of my hand using my seat. It's been a workout for my core, glutes, and thighs, but less of a strain on my bad shoulder. Lexie seems to appreciate the decrease in grabby hands, and is responding well. I'm tentatively heading to Brownland in July if my rotation will let me sneak off half a day early and skip a weekend of duties- we'll see. I doubt it will happen, but it never hurts to ask.

I am SO MAD this photo is blurry. Burst Mode on iPhones is the devil.
If you ask a boyfriend to take pictures of you riding, he'll either take videos or do Burst Mode. Neither of which was what I wanted. #hetried #itried #bloggerfail

Candy got body clipped this past week; poor man takes longer and longer to shed every year. I suspect he's borderline Cushing's, but he's never met the cortisol criteria. He's been a little gimpier lately, and at first I was worried his arthritis was getting worse, but then I watched him take off bucking, farting, and galloping with his girlfriend, and realized he's probably sore from being an idiot.
Post-clip adorable!
Lexie is next on the list for a clip job.
Other than that, things have been pretty meh. I've started a new rotation I'm really excited about (Equine Surgery and Sports Medicine), been working hard, and hopefully have a few reviews in a couple of weeks. Just trucking along!

- K & C & L

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  1. I hope you are able to get the time off for Brownland!