Monday, May 9, 2016

Baby Hunter Princess

I had my first lesson in forever on Thursday. Lexie was uncharacteristically quiet; so quiet that we were concerned she was in pain or feeling sick. She was a kick ride to the fences and over the fences, so H set a very tiny Hunter course and we were on our way. Obviously, she was not in pain or sick because the sass came out as we progressed in the course.

It was a nice chance to focus on keeping my weight in my heels, and focus on a release over fences.

Please note the sass in the first outside line and the flyer in the second outside line. #jumpoff #alldayerrday

Pretend oxer.

Hunter ducking.

I want to do a Hunter Derby with her SO bad. I think she would be an absolute blast.

Saturday we just flatted and did a small cross-rail line to try out an Ogilvy half pad and revised saddle placement. I pushed my saddle back two inches to make sure her scapula was free and put on the Ogilvy.  Lexie LOVED the combination, so it looks like I'll be scraping pennies together for a 1" Ogilvy with rear risers. She was round, a powerhouse, but responsive and willing to woah (or less cranky about woah-ing).

Her toes are a touch long so I'm holding off on riding until she gets her feet done on Wednesday.

Now.. to plan my Ogilvy color combo....

- K & C & L


  1. Video didn't work but she looks adorable in the pics!!

    1. Hehehe I changed it, so now you can watch us putter around!