Saturday, April 30, 2016

(Big) Baby Steps

This week has been all about progress. Progress in my riding career and progress in my professional career.

The progress in my riding career has been a high- it wasn't a major step forward, but I schooled a small 2'6" vertical alone for the first time on Lexie. Due to work, I missed my lesson this week, so I schooled on my own (and in a thunderstorm- whoops). We worked on a bending line from a trot fence/cavaletti cantering to a 2'6 vertical going straight to halt in the corner, and then switched to a long approach to the vertical, down to the trot for the cavaletti. It was a lot of focus on keeping my weight in my heels, staying quiet, and giving Lexie a generous release. I'm trying to fine tune my body and my aids to find a combination to keep Lexie quiet and forward after fences. We took a few fliers on the long approach, but it was still a comfortable (mostly) controlled ride.

The professional progress was definitely one of my lows, but a critical part of my job. My heart still hurts 24 hours later.

I am so sad to not be in my old Kentucky home at Rolex, and I am working all weekend, so ponies will have to wait until tomorrow to get groomed and ridden. It's been a bittersweet week, and I am 1/5 of the way through my clinical year.

- K & C & L


  1. i hate how unpleasant and hard progress can be sometimes..

  2. Progress is hard fought, but worth it in the end. Keep your chin up!