Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Everyday I'm Hustlin' (Otherwise Known as "I Don't Sleep")

I got back from my externship on Sunday (I promise a blog post is coming about baby horses...), and started my next rotation on Community Practice- general small animal veterinary medicine. In an effort to keep the SO content, I've changed my riding schedule. Now that I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to go in for my rotation (Critical Care- lookin' at you!), I get up before the crack of dawn to be on my horse by the crack of dawn to be in for clinics at 7:30.

The first two days went pretty well, I'll be honest. Lexie colicked over the weekend and had been stalled all weekend. So, that, in combination with two weeks off due to rain, Lexie was a bit ready to go Monday morning. Like... really ready to go. We had a few words about not pawing, standing still, and nipping me for not tacking her up fast enough. Then a few more words about not standing still at the mounting block. Finally, she stood still for 5 seconds, I hopped on, and we were off. We just did a light ride- 10 minutes of walk, 5 of trot, 5 just meandering around, since I wanted to ease her in and not risk her colicking again. Brought Candy in for a groom, and of course, Lexie screamed to her boyfriend after being separated from him for 3 days (unimaginable!).

Tuesday's ride was solid- we were lifting through our back, and balanced (as long as I kept my leg on). I didn't think I'd like to see the sun rise, but I enjoy the sunrise on the back of a horse. She felt much better and moved better yesterday morning.
You better tolerate me. I bring cookies.
Favorite man in the whole wide world.

Wednesday evening, I squeezed in a quick lesson. We did a small 2'6 (2'5ish) course of rollbacks, working on keeping her collected or "manhandled" as H likes to call it. A lot of hand, a lot more leg. She's getting there! We had a few wonky distances, and a few fire breathing mare moments, but I'm not panicking nearly as much, and I'm able to reason through the moments, "Add leg, pulse the reins, less hand, more bend" rather than just yanking on her face. It's slowly starting to (hopefully) hit that turning point where "bad"/"problems" are getting "fun" and becoming challenges rather than impossible tasks. It might be my big girl helmet. It might be my confidence.
Most likely the big girl helmet. You can't be a weenie in a Speed Air.
But I enjoyed my lesson Wednesday night, and I think Lexie did too! Now to break my nasty habit of pinching with my knee!

I noticed my saddle is rocking with the Thinline half pad, which I tried on Lexie to relieve wither pressure that my Beval wool half pad was creating. She hated the Thinline, and preferred the Beval, but I want her withers freed up and comfortable. We'll have to keep playing musical half pads, since a custom saddle is out of the question for a lease/vet student budget at the moment. Suggestions?

- K & C & L


  1. no great insights on half pads, tho i hear lots of great things about shimmable mattes pads... anyway tho glad to hear things with Lexie are progressing so nicely!

  2. Yeah my only suggestion is obviously something you can shim in the back while leaving the front open. I hope you get some sleep soon, Hustlin ain't easy.