Friday, August 8, 2014

Highs and Lows

Sorry for such a hiatus between my first post and my second post. It has been a couple weeks of very deep lows and a couple of highs.

Some of the lows:

My 6 year old guinea pig, Doodle, passed away two weeks ago. He had had heart failure that went unnoticed until it was too late. It broke my heart when he passed, but I felt very at peace about the whole thing: he had received the best veterinary care and husbandry I could provide. He was a spoiled, rotten little pig. Wilbur has some big paw prints to fill.
The very sweet, always sassy Doodle McGoo. RIP little dude.

Candy choked for the second time in 3 months. Then after finishing his round of antibiotics to prevent choked-related pneumonia, developed a lovely set of conjunctivitis in both eyes requiring eye meds twice a day (because I have soooo much free time).

School starts in 3 days. THREE.

The highs:

Wilbur and I have been spending quality time together, He loves his new cuddle sack from Ruby and Ethel. Seriously, it's the greatest; he loves it and will crawl into it when I put it in the cage so no more grabbing and chasing an upset Wilbur around. 

"I feel so safe and cozy. And I can't pee on Mom or rub my butt on her."

Candy and I JUMPED 2'6!! Which is a huge deal for me. I had an accident almost 2 years ago (eep!) that made me afraid to jump. I had worked my way back up to 2'9-3'0 when I moved down to Alabama. Then ulcers hit and Candy and I kind of stopped being able to communicate. We're slowly rebuilding our trust and partnership, and I can feel my old horse coming back bit by bit. It's so good to see the old man bouncing back like a pro.

We are freaking majestic... As are my boyfriend's photography skills.

The boyfriend went to Kentucky with me and met the family. Took him to KHP where he rode a horse for the first time. And he unwittingly took me tack shopping on his dime. I was a good girlfriend and only walked out with one pair of Tailored Sportsmans.

I FOUND A PAIR OF TALL BOOTS. I swear, it has been like Cinderella and the glass slipper. I have tried on everything from Tredstep Donatellos to Parlanti Miamis (swoon). The pair I had my heart set on were backordered until forever (October), and I start showing again in a month, so I bought a different pair. Definitely will be posting a review of the boots when they arrive.

That's life right now. Candy is getting a lameness exam done today; he's been off in his left hind pretty frequently. Once I get into the swing of school, I'll probably post reviews of some new tack I've bought recently (and not so recently) and update you guys on showing and the ins and outs of partial leasing out a horse.


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  1. Guys that support the tack hoedom are the best. I am easing mine into it - so far we have a pair of boot socks FTW! :)