Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hello, hello!

Sorry for the hiatus in posting- I've been in the midst of one month (that's right 30 days!) of finals. Luckily I have 8 school days left, and 5 finals to go, then I'll be half way done with the dreaded second year!

Things have been going well for Sawyer and I. We hit a little bump in the road ironing out lease terms, but now that those terms have been smoothed out things have been sailing along swimmingly. We schooled 2'6" in our last lesson (I may have died over the oxer), and I'm actually really excited for the 2015 show season. Sawyer is really coming along, and aside from a sticky left lead, I think he'll be a fun hunter (if there is such a thing).

Candy has been moping around in retirement- his field is right next to Sawyer's so I always give him a pat and some lovings before I catch Sawyer. I've been hacking him bareback a couple times a week to keep some muscle on him. He'll get re-radiographed in the spring to see if there is any progress in hock fusion. I hope so; I miss my big guy!

So here is some Sawyer spam!
The sun sets at 4:30 pm in Alabama. Pretty sure I'm in hell.

"Stop with the hand-me-downs, lady. They're too small." He's a size 80. All my blankets are 78; I feel bad, but he can deal.
Still getting used to that grey horse view. 

Home for Thanksgiving means hanging out in my teenage bedroom (neon everywhere!) and puppy snuggles!
Ugh. Laced reins- RIP rubber reins. Hello, Hunter land.

- K&C&S

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