Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blog Hop: Location

Courtesy of ASSFS!

As most of you know, I live in Hell, aka the Deep South- eastern Alabama.

While it's definitely not Horse Mecca, I am impressed by the variety I've found here- everything from therapeutic riding to trails riding to A circuit H/J and all the disciplines in between.

Average Costs (for English):

  • Board
    • Pasture- ~$300- $400
    • Stall Board- $500-$700
    • Training board isn't really a thing here, but then again, I am not one to actively seek out training board.
  • Farrier
    • Barefoot- $35
    • Front Shoes- $110
    • All Four Shoes- $170
  • Hay Bales- the price has really increased with the drought
    • Coastal/Bermuda- $5/bale, $35/round bale
    • Timothy- $12/bale
Weather? Do you like moisture? 

Temperatures are mild (mid-40s at the lowest during the day) in the winter, but the humidity makes the cold really sink into your bones. Spring/summer/fall usually hot and moist. It likes to rain in the afternoons or for days straight. Or recently, not rain for 4 months, then rain for 4 days straight.

Riding demographic? I think it's definitely a lot of trail/Western riders, with a smattering of English riders.

Other notes? We are super close to Pensacola, FL and Marietta, GA, as well as reasonably close to Brownland, which is lovely. We also have a vet school with a pretty darn stellar equine department.

Frustrating things in the area? Lack of "special" horse care- it was super hard to find chiropractic work until earlier this year. There are basically 2 farriers in the area consistently. Lack of big(ger) name clinicians (or any clinicians, really, except Doug Payne last year). And I understand all those standpoints- it's not as though this is a high dollar horse area, and most people do Western or leisure. Having lived in Lexington, KY for all of my riding career, my view of the horse world is very warped and very privileged. 

- K & C & L


  1. I know it's not horse mecca, but I miss Auburn so much!

  2. The hay prices in this blog hop are killing me. Everywhere else I see is so cheap. Texas wasn't even in a drought this year (or if it was, not as much as it usually is) and I pay $10-12/square and $50-90/round (depending on quality, stored inside/outside, etc). If I was going to feed squares I would hook up my horse trailer and drive it over an hour away and buy $6 squares from a hay company just to stock up, but really I only buy a couple squares when I am in between round bales.

  3. For some reason, I'm always surprised at the lack of services in a lot of areas. Like... you don't have good options for chiropractors?! I have 3 on speed dial! lol

  4. Blech the weather sounds awful, I hate humidity