Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bits & Bobs

Made a horrible (excellent?) decision last night to postpone studying (desperate cramming) for an exam and take a riding lesson instead. Should I have slept for 2 more hours? Probably. Should I have studied for 2 more hours? Definitely.

Was the lesson worth it? Absolutely.

I've been considering leasing Sawyer, the lesson horse I've been riding- he's a bit green and very out of shape, but up until last night, never put a toe out of line. Last night, the sassafras came out full force. Apparently, Sawyer had been up in a stall for 3 out of the last 4 days with a pulled shoe and lameness. Hadn't been ridden for 4 days- what could go wrong?
This is the horse I was expecting last night. Didn't happen.

Thoroughbred brain. The Thoroughbred brain was in full force last night.

We wouldn't stand still, or he would throw a fit (baby rears). We wanted to canter sideways. When jumping a grid, he insisted on jumping like a deer and taking off at the base of the jump shadow rather than the base of the jump. While I probably didn't need exciting Sawyer, it was nice to see that his stupid behavior is manageable- when he gets stupid, I can sit the bucks, bolts, and deer jumps (thank you, Candy, for being always being sassy).

Obviously, Sawyer and I both need work, but it is a confidence boost to be able to handle the good with the bad. He never fully settled last night, but I got a few steps of quality trot, managed to make him wait at the base, and stayed on through a less than perfect jump/landing (and avoided near collision with an equally naughty pony- fall fever was in the air last night).

And did I mention he just got switched from a corkscrew D to a snaffle? Yeesh- could have been a lot more fun last night if I hadn't had brakes. (Also- thank goodness he's out of that corkscrew- makes my mouth hurt to look at it...).

I'm getting my fitness back to where it was, slowly but surely. I've been doing pilates/core exercises in my spare time, and I may join the Two-Point-Tober effort unofficially.

In the meantime, trying not to drown in schoolwork/exams- only 1 week until Fall Break and my return to KY!


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  1. Sawyer is very cute :) Glad you can handle his shenanigans! Do you think you're going to lease him? That would be so exciting!!!