Monday, December 22, 2014

Moving Forward

Finally made it home for the holidays! I had a lot to do at home (only got through about 75% of what I wanted to get done), and worked a little bit plus squeezed in my last few rides of the year on Candy and Sawyer.

Candy has become a huge cuddle bug recently- follows me around in the field when I come to visit (for cookies) and always excited to be groomed (because he gets cookies). He's been acting really girthy lately so we're starting up Ranitidine again- if it has an effect, his ulcers are definitely back. I think I'm going to cough up the cash to do Gastroguard this time around- much cheaper than doing Ranitidine for a year again. I am always impressed with his work ethic, even on bareback, loose-reined hacks, he will wander into the arena, we'll do a couple leg yields, shoulder-ins, and haunches-in, and then inevitably the poor, sweet man will walk over a cross-rail as if to say, "Excuse me- this is what we should be doing!"

Sawyer is really coming along! We finally did our first 2'3ish (maybe 2'6"?) mini-course. I've been working on finding/maintaining a good pace and staying light ("perched" ha!) in the saddle. Because Candy liked to stop at the first few jumps, I've developed a light seat in between jumps and sit deep 3 strides out, so I've been doing a lot of two-point and no-stirrup work to strengthen my leg so I can stay out of the saddle.

How gorgeous are the TS "dark olive" Trophy Hunters?!

However, now I'm finally back in Kentucky! Spending time with friends, family, and the perpetual puppy has been the break I need.
Capturing the beauty of the neon orange penny.

Just shooting a 20g shotgun. NBD.

"Yes- there are birds."

Poor Wilbur has been in a tiny ferret cage, so he gets 2 hours of floor time every day, and loves running around the dining room. He'll probably be getting a girlfriend in the near future. ;)


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