Sunday, January 11, 2015


I just finished my first week of second year. Whew.

I had a small amount of pony drama over Christmas break. Candy decided to colic due to impaction on New Year's Eve, and had to go to Auburn's (wonderful!) equine hospital over night. In true Candy fashion, he passed the impaction immediately on admittance. He was 5% dehydrated, and, on admittance, decided water with sweet feed was the most delicious beverage of all time. Needless to say, old man is home, happy, and, after 6 days of a strict feeding regimen, back out with his herd causing mayhem. He does seem a little more sore than usual, which I hope means his joints are continuing to fuse. Fingers crossed there is progress when he gets X-rayed in the spring. He is back on ranitidine because he has been girthy for his walks/trail rides, and I'm hoping to maybe go to Gastroguard and nip this ulcer once and for good. (Shout out to H & A for taking awesome care of Candy while I was gone!)
I did end up going out for NYE with some of my best friends from undergrad.

Sawyer is continuing to work towards becoming a superstar. I still have yet to find his "work ethic" button, but he ~*tolerates*~ me asking him to work hard, so I hope that as we continue to mesh, he will decide he wants to work hard for me. His right lead is still very sticky, so transition work, spirals, and possibly hock injections are in his future before show season hits. The woman I was training with just accepted a working position with a farm in Florida/Colorado, so I take a lesson this week with the other trainer at my barn (H). I'm super excited- I like her a lot as a person, and think she will have a lot to teach me.
The boys. Candy- always thrilled to see me. Sawyer- only thrilled if cookies are involved.

I adopted a new best friend for Wilbur. Lila Bear is a 2 year old brown and white short hair guinea pig. They absolutely adore each other.
Wilbur & Lila: A Love Story

My trainer (and dear friend) in Lxington, Kentucky let me ride her horse over break: Kashmir.

Ka$h Money doing what he does best: be a nuisance. An adorable nuisance.

That's all for now- hoping to get back into the swing of things and updating regularly as the dreaded second year continues!


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