Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Update. Again!

I really need to get back into the schedule of blogging... Second year is kicking my butt right now. I've got about 1-2 tests, at least 1 quiz, and anesthesia/surgery labs every week. The weather has been gross for the last week, so I have not been able to ride as much as I would like lately. So here's a giant update on the men/my life.

He's doing great! He just finished his 2 month UlcerGard regimen and I think his ulcers are finally under control. I've been hacking him once in a while on weekends, and let me tell you, he is thrilled to have some under saddle time. I took him on a trail ride two weeks ago, and, I guess it had been a bad week, but I sobbed for the first five minutes. Sitting on his back just feels so right. He trotted down the trail (sound!), and then promptly tried to take off with me in the back field. Lots of little happy bucks at being in the back field, then angry bucks because I wouldn't let him run. I finally got him settled, and he marched around the field like nobody's business. He's a character that's for sure. I still struggle a little bit at the barn when I don't have time to ride him because he will follow me along the fence line while I go catch him. I miss riding him a lot.
This horse is honest to God the love of my life.

Ended up swapping my Ogilvy with a friend for a Beval wither pad both the boys like. Candy has lost a ton of muscle tone in retirement, so he is no longer a wide tree.

Sawyer is coming along. The little (17h) punk put his leg through the fence today trying to defend his lady friend from the gelding next door, but luckily, isn't injured. About two weeks ago, we did a clinic with Jason Costick, a hunter/jumper trainer based out of Georgia. We worked mostly over low verticals working on turns directed by our hips and legs, giving with the hand at fences, and, for me personally, keeping my hands together. The defensive rider in me always wants to let one or both hands drift out to prevent a run out; I ride 99% of my fences like they're skinnies, and I try to make a "V" to channel my horse.

The clinic was a big boost in my confidence; Sawyer was very relaxed (almost too quiet), and we jumped a 2'9 vertical at the end! The vertical was ugly, but considering I haven't jumped over 2'6 in 2 years, I'm pretty proud of myself. Pretty proud of Sawyer too, because I think that's the highest he's jumped.

I did find out Sawyer does not trailer well AT ALL. He had a couple loading accidents previously with his first owner (not the woman I lease him from), and is very timid getting on the trailer. It took my trainer a good 2 hours to load him to get him to the trailer, and took me half an hour to get him on to go home. It's something to work on the days I'm too tired to ride. The longer I work with him, the less I understand Sawyer. He's very quirky; just when I think we're starting to mesh, he gets very stubborn and, for lack of a better term, "ignores" me. I just think we are still building trust with one another, so more positive experiences like the clinic will only continue to help us.

I am obsessed with my Black Olive TS Trophy Hunters. Need. More.
"None of these hand-me-downs fit, lady. Seriously."
On an exciting note, guess who scored some MDC Hunter Classic stirrups for TWENTY DOLLARS off eBay. I LOVE them. I've only ever ridden in Fillis irons before; I added anti-slip treads (the big chunky black wraps), but wanted something a little more streamlined for the hunter ring (I also noticed the black treads scratched my saddle). I've never felt so secure in the saddle; sometimes things are stupid expensive for a reason. Maybe that will be the push I need for a GPA Speed Air (obsessed), except I'm also in the market for a new saddle, and I found out my EquiFit T-Boots don't fit Sawyer (wah). #brokevetstudent for life, y'all.

For those of you who want to see lil vids of Sawyer & I failing at life (or pictures of guinea pigs...), feel free to add my Instagram: kate.plz!

- K & C & S

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