Thursday, December 17, 2015

Doug Payne Clinic Recap: Day 1

Day 1 of the Doug Payne clinic got off to a... less than ideal... start. I managed to successfully leave boots, spurs, and gloves at home, but luckily A brought them to me.

Walked over to the ring, and what I had thought was strictly a dressage day had become a "flatwork over poles and small fences" according to the barn's Facebook page that I neglected to look at. Whoops- maybe an e-mail would have been nice so I didn't show up with freight train mare in a loose ring snaffle? But regardless of these bumps, my weenie self was determined to make the best out of the clinic, and I am so happy I went!

We started with a great exercise that involved a large circle (roughly 20 m over the center of the poles), and a small circle (roughly 10 m over the center of the poles). Enjoy my lovely attempt at Paint to show you:
Black poles= 20 m circle, red poles= 10 m circle
Goals were collection and accuracy. I definitely struggled with both those goals; I'm not sure if it was the bit, or the fact that my shoulder has gotten substantially worse, but I really struggled to collect  and steer due to my fitness, Lexie's fitness, and I'm sure the "gentle" bit didn't help matters.

We started at a trot aiming for the center of the poles, spiraling in to the middle, and back out to repeat at a canter but as the videos show.... it was easier said than done. In fact, Lexie was feelin' herself so much, that I expressed a little anxiety to Doug about jumping her in a snaffle. So Doug RODE HER, and like any mare, she threw a little sass his way as well.

I figured you all might like the good and the bad, rather than editing for the good. Sorry for the chatter from the peanut gallery- what can ya do?


Huge difference! She was so good, and I am so proud of ourselves for making it around a small course in a snaffle. Especially in the last video- you can see where I'm not as in shape as I'd like, and I've just started physical therapy for my shoulder. Still so proud, regardless!

- K & C & L


  1. good for you for getting it done with the equipment you had!! she's super cute - you guys will be cruisin in no time!