Friday, January 15, 2016

Candy's Annual Colic Update

He came home today!

It turned out to be a true cecal impaction. Apparently the fecolith they felt was in fact a very desiccated, very dry fecal ball that slowly dissolved with fluids. So after several nasogastric tubes, 4 ultrasounds, and countless rectal palpations, my big fluffy man is home!

"Scuse me... I have been trapped here for way too long."
"Let's blow this joint."
We're continuing to monitor his water intake and comfort at home. Forever grateful for his team that worked with him (and his distraught owner) through the last few days.

And in exciting news, I am so excited to call myself a part of the large animal hospital- I just got the position of student resident and start in the end of February.

- K & C & L


  1. Glad he's back and you got your residency!

  2. what a relief!!!! congrats on the position too, good news all around!