Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Horse of a Different Color

When I moved back to Kentucky, I chose not to take Lexie with me, and I was devastated- the amount of crying, wine-drinking, and chocolate eating I did made it look like a bad breakup and it felt like I was losing a loved one. I decided I would wait until the fall (at the earliest) to start a horse hunt or bring her up. I took lessons here and there after I left Lexington, and fell into a small depression when work ramped up. I was on call constantly and didn't have a day off for weeks. Standard intern life, conducive to riding Candy but not to lessoning on a going horse consistently.

During this time, I got a phone call that a horse I was interested in had dropped in price... conveniently into my budget. I had lessoned on him weekly for two and a half months during my preceptor in Lexington, and really loved his personality.

After a week or two of negotiating, an almost spotless PPE, I accidentally bought a horse a good 3 months ahead of my timeline!

Meet Sailor! He's a 16.1h, 7 year old OTTB with a puppy dog personality and a (nervous) heart of gold. I think he'll make a cute derby/3'-3'3 hunter, but for now (mostly because of location), we are going to dabble in eventing.

Can't wait until he moves here in September!

- K & C & S!