Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Crazy Times

Sorry for the long break between posts. Spring Break was a little nuts, then I got a really bad GI bug thanks to my elective that stuck around for 2 weeks through one hell week (3 quizzes, 1 final, 1 exam- all right after Spring Break). I have ridden Sawyer 3 times in 2 weeks.

Over Spring Break, my parents were down to visit, then the weather was bad. Managed to pop on Sawyer for another mini-clinc/lesson with Jason Costick (who remembers me a "K with the nose ring"). Sawyer was really good; we worked on finding distances using my leg to dictate the take off point as well as working on the "effortless" look a lot of hunters have. Being a quieter rider should help Sawyer find his lead over fences, and/or prep him for the change in the corner. I'm working on doing a simple, 1 trot step change until Sawyer is strong enough for a flying change. At the end of the day, we jumped a 3'6ish vertical! Sawyer is really starting to figure out life.

Last week, did some gallop sets with Sawyer. We never hit a full gallop, but I focused on really opening up Sawyer's stride and getting him to reach with his body while keeping organized throughout. It seemed to really help his brain. I researched his Jockey Club tattoo and found out he had about 3 starts and no finishes- so that in and of itself might be why he refuses to move faster than a hand gallop.

Finally think my illness is gone so I hopped on him last night for a pretty intense flat session. I worked on lateral work at all 3 gaits to really encourage him to be flexible and fluid through his hind. He gets leg yields at the trot and walk- it's not perfect, but it's there. There's a basic understanding of haunches-in and shoulder-in at the walk. Leg yields at the canter were lovely to the right, but sticky/not there to the left. We even got a couple steps of GORGEOUS stretchy trot (nose to the ground); it was so refreshing to feel him round through his back and swinging with his hind. I think with a little more transition work and lateral work, he'll actually become a pretty solid mover.

I might be showing this weekend- haven't decided. It all depends on how good he is for my lesson tomorrow.

-K & C & S

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  1. that illness sounds like no fun at all - glad you're better! and poor Sawyer with his three starts and no finishes, glad he seems like like life as a hunter a little better ;)