Sunday, April 26, 2015

Less Than a Week

Less than a week off and I'm already itching to get back into the saddle.

Candy's left pastern area/fetlock has swollen up again, and I'm back to cold-hosing and Bute 2x a day on top of changing his standing wraps twice a day.

Sawyer is still "off", just kind of gimpy, for lack of a better word. My instructor, H, is really trying to push his owners to get a full soundness workup. I hope we get to the bottom of it and I hope it's fixable. He really will be a great ammy horse, and if we can just figure out what's up with him, he'll be a lovely 3' packer. I'll be bummed when/if he sells, but at least I'll have saddle and show time in the meantime if/when he gets sound.

Unfortunately for me, I've picked up running en lieu of riding to help keep my anxiety and depression (and my waist line) under control. I say unfortunate, because my parents are THRILLED I'm running. Our whole family runs (except me) and everyone always gets excited when I run ("You're a naturaaaalll", "You're so athletiiiiic").

I'm almost a little irrationally nervous that if I continue running, they won't help out with the horses because they're happy I've found another outlet. But that's just my paranoia and venting setting in.

After the drama of being tossed by a super fresh potential lease horse, a serious discussion with the parentals about finances (thanks, vet bills!), taking care of Candy, and Sawyer's on/off lameness, I've decided that once Sawyer sells, I will take a really good look at my riding career/hobby -decide what I want out of it, and determine if I can afford it, and proceed from there. One day at a time.



  1. Mild creeper since I've never commented before but I've read your blog for a few months now. Anyway, I laughed out loud at the running part. My entire family runs as well, except for me. Honestly I find it just mundane and pointless... I'd much rather swim/ride a bike than run. As someone who's dealt with what that anxiety/depression for years though, the combo of riding and other activities (running, biking, swimming) really works best. My horse had lameness issues on and off for years and I'm broke (LOL thanks college, big shout out!!) so I had to make due with other forms of exercise... It was rough. Riding really is the best though for my mental sanity. I'm an "adult" (that's used loosely since I'm technically in my late 20s but I just ate those Handi-Snacks spreadable cheese crackers as part of my lunch) and my parents aren't huge supporters of horses, as a career or otherwise. Never have been. I just ended up paying for it on my own. It's tough, I eat a lot of boxed mac n cheese and Ramen, but you gotta do what's best for you.

    1. I'm fortunate to get a monthly stipend/allowance for expenses (because vet school leaves you very little time to have a job), work a job during the school year, and am a DIY queen.

      Outside of that stipend, I have to use student loans/money from work for expenses, and I'm still not quite frugal yet. Frugal in some ways: cut my own hair, paint my own nails, wash my car, only eat produce (what up $60 grocery bill), sell old clothes/tack. I'm getting there- I have a small shopping habit (horse and people clothes) I'm trying to kick, and of course, vet bills- only the best for Candy and the pigs!
      I'll be working 2 jobs this summer so I'm hoping to tuck away half of my earnings or more.

    2. Haha, I feel you! Being frugal FTW! I can't cut my own hair but honestly considering how often I go (read: maybeee once/twice a year?), it doesn't bother me to drop the $20. I stopped eating meat except for splurges because I'm like "hmm, well I could buy this chunk of meat for $7.... And it's like 2 servings... Or I could buy this, this and this for $7 and make 4 meals." It's kind of insane what we do for our horses! Luckily I only have one who tries to spend my entire paycheck via feed costs/vet bills. I can't imagine two!! Glad to hear I'm far from alone in my troubles. :)

  2. good luck figuring it out! i had to take a couple years off horses post-college for financial reasons too... but once i got back into it realized i had been like a fish out of water for that entire time - that i hadn't really been able to breathe while i wasn't riding.

    but like all good things - it'll still be there for you when you're ready :)

    i hope in the meantime that Sawyer's and Candy's soundness issues resolve so you can get some saddle time!