Friday, April 17, 2015

New Developments

It's been pouring rain, and Sawyer is still a little sore so I haven't ridden outside of a short 15 minute hack in the last week.

Candy is doing fab-u-lous! He's putting weight on his left hind, the swelling has gone almost completely down, and he's about as sound as his lil arthritic self can be. He's still loving the stall life, but I picked up a Likit refill and a Uncle Jimmy's Licky Thing (sugar-free) to keep him entertained. I think he fancies himself "King of the Barn" and always looks so proud of himself in his stall: "I've got a window, I've got a fan, I've got a Jolly Ball. This rocks." I've decided to keep him in Alabama with me rather than retiring him with his breeder; an 8 hour trailer ride would be too hard on him, and his breeder's board is more expensive than what I am paying for pasture.

I'm sure the other stalled horses think he's ridiculous.
Sawyer has officially officially been put up for sale, and the owner wants him to sell quickly. I'm still ~*toying*~ with buying him, but the funds are not there for his asking price (without parental help), and I'm not sure I want a Hunter for at least the next two years. I really do love him, and think he's a great kid, but I'm just not sure purchasing him would benefit either of us. I would more than likely sell him after graduation since I have no idea where I will be when I'm done with school, and wouldn't be able to afford to ship a horse (or two) away from the East Coast. Who knows what will happen though...
True fact: never seen this movie. I also don't know what I want.
However, I am really (guilty-ly) excited to be trying a new potential lease next week! He's a former mini-Prix jumper and looks super fun! Even if we don't get along, or the finances don't work, I still expect it to be the best hour of my life. :) And you know, school's out in 3 weeks. (4 finals, 1 surgery to go and I am half-way a veterinarian!!)

- K&C&S

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  1. glad Candy is well, but what a bummer that Sawyer is going to be sold! good luck trying the new potential lease tho - i hope it works out!