Friday, June 5, 2015

Brush, Condition, Shine, Repeat

Before I used coat conditioner. This is probably Show Sheen + Pyranha.

I am obsessed with shiny coats. Candy never dappled for me, but he shone like a copper penny when he was at the peak of his show horse career (ironically, his peak was also at the end, but whateva). During this rehab process, to entertain myself, I've been buffing and brushing and hot toweling. To go the extra mile, I like to use a soft brush or sheepskin mitt to rub a coat conditioner into his coat. Here are my reviews of the ones I have used thus far:

Eqyss Premier Marigold Spray
The label says it can be used to "[reduce] bleaching of the mane, tail, and body, [to] repel dust and dirt." I've also been told it's possibly a fly spray, but I've never witnessed much fly repelling action. It definitely lives up to it's name. It is my go-to, gold standard coat conditioning product. It works so well, I used barely, if any, Show Sheen on Candy's body. It makes the coat soft, silky, and if you wet your soft brush with it, really helps the soft brush soak up dirt and gunk on your horse's coat. Plus it smells amazing; very floral, but not overly sweet. The only cons are that I don't find it a good detangler (take it with a grain of salt- Andalusian tails are very thick and dreadlock quickly) and that at $20.95 a bottle, it is on the pricier side.
Body clip + Marigold
Body clipped with  24/7 turnout with a fly sheet, and Marigold Spray. He just kind of glows.
Fresh trace clip (also my first clip job ever) + Marigold Spray. Glowy glowy coat.

Sunflower Suncoat SPF
This product was designed to protect your horse's coat from UV-A and UV-B light as well as maintain "the natural and true color of coats, manes, and tails with... a quality blend of conditioners that make hair more manageable and easier to detangle...". I was not incredibly impressed with this product. I bought it when I moved to Alabama thinking it would prevent coat bleaching; Candy's coat still bleached and still got dull. I'm sure it helped a bit, but not enough to justify re-purchasing or even finishing the bottle. I got rid of it and picked up some more Eqyss Marigold. It has that traditional sunscreen-y smell, and I can't really attest to its detangling qualities; just that it didn't slow the dreadlocking process or make them easier to brush out. The price, at $14.95, is mid-range, and I just don't love it enough to re-purchase or re-try.

Just meh. Shiny, but there's no glow. The coat isn't nourished; just shellacked.

Vetrolin Shine
I am a huge fan of Vetrolin shampoos and liniment. This spray has the same Vetrolin smell which you either love or you hate: the nostril burning, menthol scent. Luckily, I love it, so the scent doesn't kill me. I'm still on the fence about this one. I haven't seen the results I saw with Eqyss Marigold, but it shines the coat well after the application, and Candy's coat is noticeable softer. Being stalled, he gets dusty faster, and I think it has cut down on the dust collection when I use it. I definitely think it helps keep his tail in check; dreadlocks have been minimal since I started using it. It contains sunscreen, Vitamin B5, and conditioners. HOWEVER, it also contains silicone, so I'm not sure how much the conditioners counteract the silicone. I have not noticed any drying of the coat or tail with regular use. At $10.95, this would be my first choice for a coat conditioner on a budget, and my second choice in general.
There is flash, but it's night time. Not a deep glow, but still nice.

Pyranha Wipe N' Spray
While not technically a coat conditioner, I included it because it is in my coat regimen in the summer and contains a coat conditioner. It contains lanolin which acts as a coat conditioner, and dust magnet extraordinaire. I switched to the water-based non-conditioning formula because dust was sticking like glue. A bottle is $14.95, and while it is a bomb-ass fly spray (RIP environment), it's an awful, awful, sticky coat conditioner.


  1. nice! i love keeping my mare shiny too, and am always looking for products to help with her long stringy mane....

    1. Being a product junkie is about all I can do right now! Lots of grooming and scratches for the Candy Man. :)