Monday, June 29, 2015

Updates, Updates

Some tiny blurbs about life since not much has changed on the horse front.

  • Lessoned on Charlie Friday morning (6:30 am lesson time, ouch). He was fabulous; a little slow from not working consistently due to pulling shoes left and right, but it is so, SO fun to be on a jumper. I rode with the assistant barn manager, A, in a lesson since H had just gotten her wisdom teeth out. It was a lot of just playing around with the jumper course A had set for the schooling show that weekend. Our lesson was a lot of "So, it's supposed to be a one stride, but we'll see." and "I estimated a 4 stride bending line, but just ride it out". It was nice to have an instructor be comfortable with letting me test out distances, and I guess confident that I can ride  and find distances if shit hits the fan. Charlie has been a blast. I'll try to snag a video or picture next time I ride him so y'all can see the tongue hanging out in its full glory.
  • Candy is a giant sass-master. The last bareback ride 2 days ago was the first bareback ride he didn't try to buck me off. He gets very excited, then wants to go fast, then wants to roll, then very angry, then bucks. Or spooks. Or bolts. It's been a fun time... I'm just still on the fence about what to do with him; I'm probably going to see how far he rehabs, but not bet on him coming back into work. I think that left hind will never track up completely.
  • I've been working a TON. Like 40 hour weeks in the lab, 20 hour weeks in the ICU. Still lovin' ICU; emergency medicine- you have my heart.
  • I'm going to apply to adopt an OTTB! When Candy is back on pasture board and less intensive rehab-wise (wrapping, handwalking, etc.), I'm going to submit an application to New Vocations Thoroughbred Rescue. I've heard great things about the rescue, and have met a few "graduates" and I really think the next step in my riding career is my first (technically second... but I would never sell the Candy Man) project horse. I really like the rescue, like the horses I've met from there, and think it would be a nice fit for my budget and needs. I am a little nervous about getting a green horse, but I will be in a lesson program and have been reading about re-training OTTBs like crazy. I've ridden my fair share of greenies, and Candy was once a sassy, unpredictable greenie, but it's been a while since I've really played with a young horse (I mean, Sawyer was green, but so mellow I'm not sure I can count him). Hopefully, it will be a positive learning experience. If anything, it will put me in the saddle for the next 2 years.
Rule of thumb for selfies: make the most unstable looking face you can. "I own 50 cats and may murder your family."

Bath time. Bath time!

Shameless #rootd ft. EIS, Tailord Sportsman, a needlepoint belt, and Candy.

Finally catching up on OITNB and cuddles with the pigs

I was not drunk. But it looks like it.



  1. glad Candy's doing well - and super exciting about the prospect of adopting an OTTB!!!!

    also - for whatever reason your blog isn't updating on my feed readers, including blogger. not sure if you changed anything but if i click over from my blog it says 'blog not found.' it might just be my own readers being funny but is perhaps worth looking into!

    1. Hmmmm... I fiddled with some settings and hopefully it works now. I am still a blogspot n00b.

      I am so pumped and so nervous about an OTTB! I've ridden greenies before, but never had one to call my own. I can't wait!

    2. yea idk.... i just removed the blog from my feeds and re-added it and now everything looks kosher. maybe some wires just got crossed? lol