Saturday, June 10, 2017

Finding a Fit

I've been a little quiet on the horse front, mostly because... well, there is nothing. Since moving, I've been struggling to find a lesson program that fits my needs. I found one that was seemingly perfect- if only they would call me back.

The area I moved to has a handful of eventing barns and even less hunter jumper facilities. It's been a frustrating two weeks for me- I took one lesson, but ultimately decided the program didn't offer what I needed as a rider, and have been cold-calling facilities ever since. I can't decide if I'm being impatient or if our fast-paced culture is making expect a returned call within 24-48 hours. It's been depressing, and has been making me really nervous about my upcoming internship year- I miss the lesson program I joined in Lexington (1.5 hours away) and miss the lesson horse I had bonded with there (also 1.5 hours away). If I worked a standard 40 hour a week job, I could justify a 1 hour drive to a hunter jumper facility. If I worked a job with a good salary, I could justify the weekly $70 riding lesson, but unfortunately, I don't work either of those jobs, and never will. Being realistic, I'm not sure when I'll actually lesson regularly again, not sure when I'll have a *sound* horse of my own, or when I'll compete again, if ever.

The only positive is that Candy is safe and sound in Kentucky with me- his retirement facility seems like a perfect fit and the care seems phenomenal. Any farm with 5 horses over 30, all with mirror-shiny coats, has to be good, right?

Trying to find the good in this situation. I feared it for a long time, and it's here, and it's just as I was afraid. I just hope that although the immediate future is cloudy and rainy, I hope that my long term career with horses and in veterinary medicine is bright and sunny because of these sacrifices.

-K & C


  1. ugh I hate when trainers don't call back... like I'm trying to give you guys money.. don't you want money

  2. Ugh, being in limbo is the worst feeling <3