Sunday, March 13, 2016

Adult Amateur Dilemmas

I used to be a mildly ballsy rider jumping 3'3-3'6 on a horse I was told would never school over 2'6. I got really into the 1.0 m jumpers, purchased myself a *navy* CO AYR8, because I had the *skills* to pull off a different, fancy helmet. 3.5 years later, I love my helmet, but it's become a titch faded, and unfortunately, finally... moldy. Which is... gross.

It might be time for a new helmet- I have a job that can pay for it in no time, so the dilemma is... What helmet?

As much as I love my AYR8, I'm ready for a change of pace. I feel a bit like a goober in an expensive helmet, jumping 2'6, but I'm hoping to move up this year. Current candidates are:

GPA Evo+2x
I like that the brim is between a First Lady and Speed Air, but I just feel like GPA is way too nice for a 2'6 adult amateur.
GPA Speed Air 2x
Fits well, and I love how I look in it. But... too fancy for a 2'6 jumper?

It looks like a flying saucer landed on my head, but fits well. I feel like this is the standard fancy ammie helmet.

If I order a GPA helmet from Amira, Samshield, GPA, and Charles Owen are all about the same price range +/- $50 or so. I need something vented because Alabama heat, and need something with a removable liner because Alabama humidity.

I'm just trying to decide if I would look like that goofy, timid amateur in nice, expensive gear bouncing over glorified cavalettis in a GPA or Samshield. I always told myself when I was schooling 3', I could get a Speed Air, and I'm only averaging 2'9 or so. I do see it as an investment. I want to purchase something that will still be "okay" 5 years from now- hence the nice boots, the TS breeches, etc. I'm at a point in my life where I wear breeches for years, rather than months, and wear boots until they break, and I won't be able to afford things of this price range in the near future, so I might as well buy it while I can a little before I need it.

Dilemmas. Dilemmas.

- K & C & S

*I promise I'll be back to riding posts. Just been exhausted from clinicals and riding minimally.*


  1. I love love love my samshield and actually ordered a second from divoza bc I had a coupon and love how well it fits me.

    The GPA aren't as clean of a look to me but I'm kinda a weirdo about that.

    1. Well, you're a hunter, remember? ;)

      I love the Samshields, but just not on me. The Speed Air was so flattering! At some point, I need to go to Dover and try some on.

  2. I say wear whatever you like the most that fits you the best. I don't think anyone showing a certain height looks silly in any particular helmet. Buy yourself something nice, celebrate the fact that you're ballsy enough to do this sport in the first place (no matter what level), relish the fact that you look amazing AF in said fancy helmet, and screw anybody who thinks otherwise.

    1. I try to have this mentality! I feel silly sometimes decking out the mare for 2'6-2'9, but I love nice(r), and I think she secretly does too!

  3. TBH no one will notice! I never notice anything anyone else is wearing at shows.

  4. I think fit is really important, but other than that I love all of these. And I know a lot of 2'6" ammies showing in Speed Airs, so GO FOR IT.