Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First Show of the Season in the Books

This Saturday, I had my first show of the season! Since I've been in clinics, I could only show Saturday (my 1 day off out of thirteen 16 hour days). Lexie and I schooled Friday morning before I went into clinics; she had just been body clipped and was cranky, but a fun ride over small fences.

H & I initially thought I should show 0.65 m Jumpers because that's what I *thought* we had schooled Tuesday in our lesson. Because of AHJA rules, I couldn't cross-enter height divisions; we didn't want me overwhelmed at the 0.75, but didn't want me bored at the 0.65 either. Since it's the first show of the season, we decided to keep it easy and show 0.65 m. The day of we found out I could school 0.75 m jumpers, so we entered one 0.65 m and one 0.75 m.

I've been focusing a lot in my lessons to keep Lexie listening, engaged, and pushing from behind, so I rode my courses less for speed/to win, and focused more on control and a positive fun experience for both of us. The 0.65 m course went well; we missed an inside turn during our jump off, and I rode too slow(!) during the actual course, so we ended up placing 4th out of 6. I'm ok with a pink ribbon ride because we really achieved what I came out to do: rode comfortably and quietly and build confidence. So much confidence in fact, that I couldn't wait to go back in and do my 0.75 m trip! The schooling trip went alright; we stalled out on a rollback where I reverted to too much hand and not enough leg, but I am so happy I'm finally developing a feel for a forward, but balanced, canter.

Overall, it was a successful first show of the season! I'm not riding for points, so I plan on just focusing on riding goals, rather than ribbons, and just enjoy my last year of showing here in Alabama.

Naked mare post-showing.

Naked mare enjoying being cozy in a cooler.

- K & C & L


  1. Sounds like you accomplished what you set out to do! Congrats on a successful first show of the season.

  2. wooo congrats on putting in some fun and successful rounds!!

  3. Woohoo for shows! I used to have that cooler. :)