Friday, March 11, 2016

Kingsland Equestrian Review: Kelly Knee Patch Breech

I hit up the Beval Saddlery Anniversary Sale over Valentine's Day and snagged some goodies for me and Candy. Candy got a new medium weight blanket, and I became the owner of a new pair of breeches for roughly 60% off normal retail. Definitely a bargain win in my books!

I have been looking for a pair of black breeches for about 6 months now- call me picky, but I wanted a Euro seat, low-rise knee patch black breech with back pockets, and minimal sparkles. I don't know why, but these were my specifications. I can't tell you how many black breeches I found that were "too fancy" for me (too embellished, too sparkly, too flashy), or just plain out of my budget. So when I saw the Kelly Breech for roughly 50% off, I jumped for it- in my budget, back pockets, minimal sparkles- perfect.

I did struggle a bit with the sizing- I am a solid 28 in Tailoreds, a snug 26 in Pipers, and a 27 in normal people pants. I winged it and went with a 36.

Onto the review:
The breeches are beautiful. They have a more normal sized waistband, rather than the 2 in. waistband seen with most breeches. They have a dust/water repellent 4-way stretch fabric that I love. They're surprisingly long enough for me, and I might wear them in "real life" as comfy dress pants. They fit more like a medium rise than a low rise, but I prefer to have all the important parts covered (and be able to bend over comfortably).

My only con is that I feel like they just don't quite fit, which is no fault of the breech specifically. I'm definitely not skinny by any means, but I'm not curvy either. I think these would fit ladies with a little more "junk in the trunk"- they fit well around my thighs, but just gap a little at the waist. These are breeches I HAVE to wear a belt with. If I were being nitpicky- I also hate that the inside of the pockets are white.

Overall- I'm really happy with these breeches, and see myself keeping them. They don't fit perfectly, but they fit well enough for me to justify keeping them.

- K & C & L


  1. so i kinda get really annoyed at white pocket linings too - what's up with that?!?

    1. It's just annoying! Especially because the lining peeks out. I don't understand it...

  2. I am intrigued by these but I am kinda worried that they gapping at the waist would happen for me still just lower down haha. I have a really hard time with sizing which is how I end up just waiting and splurging on TS....

    1. I thought I was a 34, but at the last minute, sized up. It ended up being the perfect fit, but I think I got lucky! I love TS, but really dig the back pocket trend that's been happening lately.