Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lesson Recap: Let Go

Had a quick lil lesson on Ms. Lexie this morning.

I had a migraine, but was feeling brave so we had some "easy" jumps, and some "scary" jumps, and kept it simple with a few rollbacks and two lines.

We started out trotting over a cross rail- one refusal because I got her crooked and behind the vertical on the shadowy side. Then cantered the cross rail with a rollback to a small two foot vertical, which rode wonderfully. The best was a 6 stride cross rail line. A medium cross rail (3'6 on either side) to a large cross rail (3'9-4'0 on either side). I stopped forcing myself to find the distance and just made sure my eyes were up and I legged through the line. It was a perfect distance, perfect pace, and a perfect jump.

We added another roll back to a Swedish oxer bending to a vertical and an outside line to round out the course. I'm getting better at being comfortable with a forward pace; we're no longer doing the "gun it and chip" ride and she's respecting my half halts (sometimes immediately... sometimes... after a while), so I feel better letting her go forward and having a more aggressive ride to fences.

It was a fun little lesson and I hope our good rides continue! Hopefully it means moving up is in our near future!

Candy is doing well- he's begun the 3 month long process of shedding out. He's happy and healthy- loving the spring grass, and loving his every-other-day grooming sessions.

Also got permission for late night/early morning rides from the on-site assistant barn manager, so I get to keep riding on my next rotation!

- K & C & L


  1. Love when all the distances just happen :)

  2. sounds productive! i hope that one day we can move past the 'gun it and chip' phase too lol